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Tietronix Website Development

Tietronix provides state-of-the-art website solutions for government and commercial clients alike.

For over seven years, Tietronix has managed websites in Space Life Sciences at NASA's Johnson Space Center, providing both internal and external website solutions for a variety of disciplines within the Life Sciences field.  Many website solutions are built not only on the latest technologies, such as Drupal, but also leverage the power of our web-based process management engine, TieFlow.  Combining the strengths of multiple tools allows us to provide custom solutions for our clients' diverse website needs.

Tietronix is also an Acquia Partner, recognized as a leader in the Drupal website development community.  Tietronix has utilized Acquia's hosting and Drupal consultation expertise to build the highly acclaimed Train Like An Astronaut website.  Our very own website is also built using Drupal.  If you have a need for a website, big or small, we can help.

Tietronix - Acquia Partner

Drupal, the main tool we use for website development, is known for "Open Source Social Publishing."  Possibly the most significant key point for choosing an Open Source solution like Drupal is the community - specifically, being able to add the strengths of the community to your own.  Whether it is applying the best business practices to secure a site's data, or creating the most appealing interactive features for a website, we are able to utilize what the community has already created.

Using an Open Source framework allows us to focus on the implementation and customization more than just the foundation.  With hundreds of thousands of websites using Drupal, the foundation is mature, stable, and secure.  The thousands of available modules gives us flexibility to configure and customize a website instead of re-inventing wheels.  An active community with tens of thousands of developers ensures more than just "our" eyes are watching out for bugs and exploits.

The LAMP stack brings Open Source all together.  LAMP stands for Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP.  Linux is the Open Source operating system - dozens of flavors to choose from, with Ubuntu and Red Hat being some of the most popular.  Apache is the web server most used for enterprise website solutions.  MySQL is the database most used in the web community.  PHP is the programming language used to create the web applications you and your customers want.

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