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Over the past 25 years Tietronix' employees have been involved in the development of central receiver plant software, including design, optimization, and operation. Our Solar Energy Engineering Services provide innovative solar thermal electric energy plant modeling solutions, enabling faster plant design and construction as well as increased operational efficiencies well beyond the current available solutions. We offer the next generation of modeling software used to design optimized systems, to assess performance, train new engineers and technicians, and operate the plant safely and efficiently. Our software solutions are leaps ahead of currently used technology—designed more than thirty years ago—and can help accelerate the widespread commercial deployment of solar thermal power. The use of our suite of advanced software can save solar plants designers and operators millions of dollars over the lifetime of a plant. Our software has been used to help design a number of existing or currently planned solar plants such as Solar Two, Solar Tres, and the Utility Study.

Using our innovative proprietary algorithms, we can expertly design central receiver solar systems, providing optimization of the different components of the solar plant such as the heliostat field, tower height, receiver type and size, etc. We take into account the large number of parameters including the cost models of components, price of electricity produced as a function of time, solar resources, land cost, and more. This allows us to design the most cost-efficient plant possible for our customers.

Our suite of software allows our team to easily compute with high accuracy the performance of a given solar plant at any point in time as well as its overall annual or lifetime performance. This allows stakeholders the ability to properly predict the cost of the electricity produced.

During operations, our suite of advanced software supports plant operators with morning plant start up (heating of the receiver using the sun with partial field focus, hot spot management, proper control of the receiver thermal loop, etc.) and during cloud passages. In addition to operations, our software also allows for simulation of the plant for training of operators.

Our team can generate accurate computer graphic representations of your solar plant project together with full animation of the plant under operations. These representations can be used at an early stage of a project to efficiently communicate your solar plant concept to different stakeholders in a cost effective way.

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