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Energy companies today face one of the harshest operating environments in the industry’s history. Increasing government regulation, the work force skills gap, reductions in profit margins and operating capital are causing many in the industry to struggle to meet their goals. How can businesses cut costs, improve safety, maintain compliance and innovate in a fiercely competitive environment?

Deploy an Interactive Procedure Process Management System!


What is Procedure Genius?

Procedure Genius is a set of web-based task management tools that build, guide, and track field ready automated procedures.Create tasks that guide the operator chronologically though a step-by-step automated process and capture real time data for verification. Operators can send text, pictures, and videos to supervisors so they can assist remotely with problems in the field. And they can do it all from any device – laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The management tools provide data via a dash board for planning and allocating resources to help increase employee output (volume, speed, and quality of work), and generates reports of who, what, when, where for verification and accountability.

Procedure Genius Features

  • Easy web-based installation and setup companywide avoiding a large capital investment
  • Procedure authors can update and redistribute quickly, enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and equipment reliability globally
  • Viewable remotely from any device — a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Captures asset inspections, maintenance history and performance data
  • Capture and keep critical operational knowledge when key personnel leave or retire
  • Beneficial across many units within your organization such as training, manufacturing, distribution, testing, asset management, warehouse and field operations
  • Enforces operators to comply with ISO and government requirements
  • Provides real-time data to improve field operation and situational awareness that reduces human error and unwanted accidents
  • Verifies and generates auditing and accountability reports (who, what, where, and when)

Key Benefits

  • Easy web-based installation eliminating expensive installation costs, programmers, and intense training, minimizing the investment to deploy the software company wide
  • Dynamic procedure process automation helps fast track the training of new employees and increase the operational effectiveness of less skilled employees
  • Dynamic procedures improve and standardize field operations from assembling the equipment, having the right parts on location, and properly Operating the equipment, which reduces rig downtime, lost revenue, and poor customer service
  • Reduces unnecessary tasks, realigning steps and optimizing information flow, streamlining business processes and increasing quality of operations, products, and services
  • Remote users can create and relay images, video and notes for the supervisory team to address problems at remote sites
  • Reduce human errors and increase your workforce’s productivity using the procedure performance reports and charts
  • Provide management decision-making data for operational planning and allocation of resources. Maximize volume, speed, and quality per each dollar spent on labor costs