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Tietronix develops Liquid Galaxy solutions for government and commercial clients alike.

Tietronix worked with NASA's Open Gov Initiative team, also known as the Office of Open Innovation, submitting a winning proposal to Johnson Space Center's Innovation & Inclusion team for the 2011 Spring Innovation Charge Account competition. During the Spring and Summer of 2011, the Tietronix team designed and implemented the first NASA Liquid Galaxy system at Johnson Space Center.  Our team is available to design and implement Liquid Galaxy exhibit requests.  Notable exhibits we have designed, consulted on, and constructed include:

  • A nine display system for the Office of Open Innovation at NASA Headquarters in Washginton, DC
  • A five display system for the Human Space Vehicle Systems at NASA Johnson Space Center
  • A three display system for the Integrated Environments group at NASA Johnson Space Center
  • A five display system for the Robotics & Simulation group at NASA Johnson Space Center
  • A five display system for the Emergency Operations Center at NASA Johnson Space Center
  • A five display system at ValveWorld Americas in Houston, TX
  • A seven display system for CERN in Meyrin, Switzerland
  • A five display system at the Association of Science and Technology Centers in Albuquerque, NM
  • A three display system for Space Center Houston at NASA Johnson Space Center

Over the past few years, Tietronix has collaborated with NASA to apply the Liquid Galaxy to tasks at Johnson Space Center. One project is the Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU) where we are able to render a virtual model of an active simulation or real-time operational Habitat data. Using this data we can monitor ongoing operations or freeze a snap-shot of the telemetry and run test cases to see the effect on the HDU systems and activities. Another project is the Mars Rover System which simulates driving the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV). When the SEV is mated to its chassis for ground-based operations, it operates much like a car or off-road vehicle, and can be used to test operator acclimation to earth, moon, and mars environments to determine if they are ready to operate the physical hardware.

Tietronix has worked with NASA's Engineering and Facility Operations Directorates to come up with new solutions for robotics systems virtualization and campus management alike.  We have worked with Engineering to implement "double digital" systems where we can virtualize a robotic system and test telepresence activities.  We have developed new capabilities for Facility Operations, crossing between mobile and Liquid Galaxy technologies alike, to allow their personnel to capture real time incedent based data in the field and render those reports in the Liquid Galaxy to better manage current or recently documented activities across the 1620 acre campus.

Tietronix has also implemented a number of commercial applications in the Liquid Galaxy. One commercial application is the Solar Energy Plant Simulator which allows us to tour a full mock-up of a solar energy mirror farm and evaluate operational efficiencies and be fully immersed in the virtual operations of the facility. Another commercial application is the Five-Times High Definition Movie System (5xHD System) which can render an astounding 5400 x 1920 resolution movie across five monitors at once. Our favorite demonstration of this technology is our custom in-house modeled International Space Station Assembly Time-Lapse Movie.

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