In 2011, Tietronix established “Tietronix Europe” in Brest, France. Tietronix Europe is a member of “3D Fovea”, a group of French companies located in Brittany. Tietronix brings to their customers expertise in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, simulation and other software usually developed for other customers such as NASA, universities, museums and more.

Futur3Vision is a powerful reflection, analysis, information and communication tool born from the association of 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, simulation and interactivity.  Futur3Vision is able to assist you in the development of your projects in a variety of fields: health, research, education, meteorology, museum, cultural center, construction, industry...

Equipped with a 50 inch plasma or LCD screen, Futur3Vision allows a team to explore, discover, and manipulate a project. The 3D image can also be transmitted and projected on a screen to address a larger audience during lectures, conferences, etc. Team and audience members must wear electronic 3D glasses to fully experience Future3Vision.

Your projects can be deployed on Android or iOS platforms using any handheld devices.