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Tietronix understands the challenge for educators to create content that stimulates students’ interest and delivers real-life applications while meeting state and national education standards. We design and develop educational content proven effective for K-12 classroom, higher education programs, informal learning environments, and life-long learners. Tietronix delivers turnkey educational projects that are classroom ready, either as technology-based, instructor-led, or self-paced formats. Our development team of instructional designers, certified teachers, and technology experts can custom build educational content, workshops, interactive website technologies, distance learning, and educational games. Included with development are classroom materials, including data sheets, educator guides (lesson plans), student worksheets, and resources, that are targeted and tested for your intended audience.

Tietronix works with universities, public school districts, museums, science centers, NASA, and other organizations across the country to design, develop, and deliver appropriate educational content. Although we can work with a multitude of subjects, our areas of expertise include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with a strong focus on space. We also offer expertise in the latest technologies to produce interactive websites, 3D animations, virtual worlds, serious games, dynamic presentations, and podcasts that expand our clients’ educational programs and curriculum.

Tietronix has been a leading provider of educational products for NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program and the Space Life Sciences Directorate. The goal of these programs is to increase students’ interest in science and math as well as their awareness of NASA’s missions and accomplishments in order to develop and strengthen NASA's future STEM workforce. Some of our educational products that we have developed for NASA are:

In order to strengthen and enrich the education of today's students and help them understand the skills and technologies required for the 21st century, Tietronix partners with universities, public school districts, and corporations to combine industry experts with the goals of educators. We help provide standards-based content and technology to create interactive experiences for the learner. Some of the educational partnerships and grants we have contributed to are:

Tietronix has expertise and experience in developing content for the informal education setting. From content for advanced high school STEM camps, both instructor and student materials, to simulations and kiosks. These educational experiences provide an engagement for children and adults alike. Some of the libraries, museums, and science centers we have worked with are: Space Center Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Texas Medical Center Library. Products include:

  • Building a Lunar Habitat
  • Mars Landing
  • ISS EVA Kiosk
  • Inflatable Planetarium Dome
  • Public Health Information Kiosk