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Tietronix is a team of professionals with expertise in the latest technologies. Our team consistently delivers the best value to our loyal and satisfied customers. Our quality products and services are the result of our repeatable processes with continuous improvement, exemplary project management, and commitment to our customers. We work with our customers in a team environment to provide agile response to their needs. Our management empowers our employees to pursue technical excellence and to attain the highest customer satisfaction.  In January 2013, Tietronix achieved the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-Dev) Maturity Level 3 rating across its entire organization.

On to Phase II – Aegis Educational Game

Tietronix began Phase 2 on the Aegis project May, 2014. The project is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the Small Business Innovative Research Program.
The objective of the Aegis project is to combine the interactive nature of gaming, with the storytelling power of graphic novel art, to produce an engaging education experience. Aegis gameplay exposes students to computer science, logic and programming skills, and robotics education while laying the groundwork for success in computer science aptitude, critical thinking skills, programming skills, and STEM engagement.
The Aegis game is a multi-platform solution that can be used in the traditional classroom computer lab or on tablets in the mobile technology-capable classroom.